Dabo Swinney and Clemson have appeared in the College Football Playoff each of the past six years. (Norm Hall/Getty Images)

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What Clemson AD Dan Radakovich thinks of possible CFP expansion

CLEMSON — There has been plenty of talk about possible College Football Playoff expansion over the past month.

The issue became a hot topic in late April after CFP Executive Director Bill Hancock announced that a group has been modeling expansion possibilities that could see a playoff with as many as 16 teams. spoke with Clemson Athletics Director Dan Radakovich recently and asked if he would be for or against playoff expansion.

“I’m not someone who says, ‘Hey, it’s definitely going to move past [four]’ — but I could see certain circumstances where it could,” Radakovich told “The biggest issue is logistics and how all that works, because remember, the way it is now might not be how it is in the future if you expand it to eight teams. Do you play on campus for games and then kind of move to what is familiar today?”

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has said for years that he is against expanding the playoff, making his thoughts clear again prior to the Tigers’ Sugar Bowl matchup with Ohio State last December.

Swinney believes that expanding the playoff would make regular-season games less important. Radakovich sees other possible issues.

“Moving 120-125 football players and staff and coaches and families and band, that’s an awful lot of logistics and movement,” Radakovich said. “I mean to do it twice if you’re fortunate enough to get to the championship game is a Herculean effort. To try to do it three times would be difficult.

“Do we want to extend the time of the season? Do we want to alter the regular season? How is all of that going to pull together? So that’s where I throw all of that into the bucket of logistics.”


Dan Radakovich has concerns about the travel involved with the College Football Playoff. (Douglas Stringer/Getty Images)

Dan Radakovich believes that playing games on campuses before the Final Four could help in some instances, but he has some concerns about that as well.

“I think it’d be really interesting if the No. 4 team played the No. 5 team, one team’s on one coast and one team’s on the other coast. Half of the people would be happy, because they wouldn’t have to fly across the country. The other half might be in a little bit of a challenge,” Radakovich said. “It would be a little bit of gymnastics to get a team from one coast to the other in a very short period of time, but not insurmountable, I don’t believe.”

Ultimately, Radakovich is all for discussions taking place. But he doesn’t want a decision to be rushed into.

“They don’t need to make a decision right away,” he said. “They still have a few years left on their contract with ESPN. But I think they’re right in beginning to talk about it to see exactly how best we can go about continuing to grow the most popular college sport in the country.”

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